Communication Documents

Evening Log

At each site, we provide a two-way communications binder. The Evening Log allows the client to leave short notes about scheduled visitors or an upcoming birthday party, for example. The cleaners can leave a note if they notice something broken, a leaky faucet, or low supplies, for instance.

Service Evaluation

Each month, Wessne’s Janitorial Service will send this scorecard in the invoice envelope. Many clients find it convenient to praise their cleaners in writing, or to tweak service in a certain category. This useful format keeps communications simple and efficient.

Janitorial Agreement

We ask for only a month-to-month commitment to do business together, knowing we MUST earn your business each and every month. Typically, Wessne’s Janitorial Service brings all the equipment and cleaning solutions necessary to do your job properly.

Typical Daily Service Outline

Various industries View actual outlines presented to several different clients among:

Wessne’s Janitorial carrier is The Hartford. You can view each category of coverage on this certificate, including Umbrella and Worker’s Compensation coverage’s. Each client will be designated as additionally insured onto our policy.