Kids get into everything, and that's what we clean: everything, and then we clean it, and then we clean it again.

Wessanen's Janitorial Service, Inc. Cleans schools for yoga, schools for science, schools that house student's overnight. Let's just say we service a lot of schools!

We understand better than anyone that a classroom is not just a holding tank, it's an office, a gym, a fort, maybe even a castle. Classrooms need to be cleaned thoroughly, and everyone has their special priorities; we work with you to make sure we know what those priorities are. Floors are essential in providing a sanitary environment.

In no other place of business are the clients crawling on the floor!
We provide maintenance and cleaning for all types of flooring, including gyms and athletic facilities.

Wessne Janitorial Service will work in conjunction with your maintenance department, ensuring that the cleaning program is as effective as possible.
Whether it's a pep rally or a parent teacher night your school will look spectacular with Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc. Take advantage of this!

Our estimates are quick, comprehensive and serve as a great resource.

A Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc. Estimate consists of a walk through of your facility and a brief conversation with one of our experts.

Our estimate will show you the quality of service you should be getting with the dollars you spend on janitorial service, Inc.

You will be amazed at how cost effective Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc.