Medical Facilities

Few companies are qualified to properly service medical facilities; Wessne's Janitorial Service is among the best that do.

We have over a decade of experience cleaning everything from doctors' offices and operating facilities to manufacturing.

We are educated in the techniques that are necessary to properly clean medical facilities.

Our staff is constantly being updated in new techniques such as micro fiber textiles, which enable us to further sanitize your facility Disinfecting, Disinfecting, Disinfecting.

Wessne's Janitorial Service will work with your staff to make doubly sure that we are using the cleaning chemicals you require at your facility; if you're not sure we can coordinate with professionals in the field to make sure you are compliant with all health codes.

Wessne's Janitorial Service will implement a waste disposal program to ensure that all requirements are being met.

Wessne's Janitorial Service will educate your crew on the particular conditions of your environment, i.e. medical equipment or chemicals.

This approach ensures that you and your patients walk into a visually clean and sanitary environment.
Take advantage of this!

Our estimates are quick, comprehensive and serve as a great resource.

A Wessne's Janitorial Service estimate consists of a walk through of your facility and a brief conversation with one of our experts.

Our estimate will show you the quality of service you should be getting with the dollars you spend on janitorial service.

You will be amazed at how cost effective Wessne's Janitorial Service can be!