Do you need just floor waxing?
Or do you need complete floor stripping buffing and waxing?
Any Kind of Hard Floor Care is a breeze with Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc.

Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc uses chemicals and procedures that give you maximum slip resistance and a beautiful shine on your vinyl floors, linoleum floors, and most any other type of hard surface flooring you have!

At Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc, we know you require the best when it comes to floor maintenance -WJS has been cleaning floors since 1998! Whether you have vinyl / marble / ceramic / concrete / stone or linoleum floors, your WJS cleaning crew is fully trained and qualified in all types of floor care. We follow all manufacture, federal, state, local, and organizational safety and cleaning specifications.


Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc floor waxing services include:

  • Resilient floor refinishing
  • Vinyl or Linoleum floor stripping buffing and waxing
  • Ceramic floor stripping buffing and waxing
  • Concrete floor stripping buffing and waxing
  • Machine scrubbing and dealing of floors
  • High-speed and low-speed spray or dry buffing
  • Stone & Marble floor cleaning, sealing, restoration


Our trained professionals use the highest quality finishing and refinishing products to ensure your floor waxing is done with quality and durability. "Floor waxing that brings out the beautiful shine on your flooring." Linoleum floor and Vinyl floor coverings Vinyl and linoleum floor covering are very close in appearance - but there is a difference. You need a floor cleaning service that knows this and will properly care for your specific flooring!


Linoleum is made from all natural ingredients and needs special cleaning and floor waxing & coating chemicals for maintenance. If you are not sure, we will identify if your floor is vinyl or linoleum. Flooring is usually linoleum if pressed onto jute backing. We carefully examine your flooring to see if the texture of the jute telegraphed to the surface. Linoleum floor surfaces also have a slight granular texture that can be felt by hand. Vinyl surfaces are very smooth to the touch, and the texture sometimes has an irregular pattern to it.

Is there a difference between maintenance of vinyl-type products and linoleum? Similar methods are used-there is some special care in linoleum floor cleaning--linoleum floors are more sensitive to chemicals and abrasives. Complete care is taken in dilution ratios, adjusting to the cleaning required, and floor stripping waxing and buffing are performed according to manufactures specifications. Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc uses neutral floor cleaners to avoiding cracking, shrinking or possible discoloration used by more harsh chemicals. No stripping chemicals etching into the binder of your linoleum! "Your linoleum floor will be safe, smooth and protected!"

Few technicians really know the best maintenance. With WJS your vinyl or linoleum floor will receive the best professional care and floor waxing techniques for beautiful long lasting flooring! Call or contact us through our Contact us page or our page. You will have confidence with Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc complete floor waxing and floor care services. If you need just floor waxing, or if you need complete floor stripping buffing and waxing, Cleaning Floors Safely and Completely is a breeze with Wessne's Janitorial Service!