Retail Stores

Retail Stores are a unique environment. No one knows that better than you! And knowing is half the battle.

If a cleaning company enters a retail environment with reckless abandon, merchandise is going to be miss-placed or worse, ruined.

We have a lot of prospective clients tell us they have compromised a clean store for one that does not get rearranged every night. Then they try Wessne's Janitorial Service, and compromise is thrown out the window (a very clean window)!

Presentation is why your clients walk in the door, which is why we make sure that the door, the side walk and in some cases your neighbor's fa├žade are all spotless when it comes time to hang the open sign.

Most of our retail clients are present when our crews clean their store, we work together to ensure that the presentation is superb; which is why punctuality on our side is of the utmost importance.

Punctuality is a pet peeve with Wessn's Janitorial Service, when it comes to retail we are like General Patton!

With Wessne's Janitorial Service all of your merchandise is treated like china. We are very conscience of where we use our cleaning solvents, (We don't spray mindlessly!)

We service all types of theaters from 25 seat stage theaters to 14 screen movie complexes.

We know about the gum, the high traffic carpet areas, even the lost and found complications, and we handle it all

When you're putting butts in the seats they need to be cleaned!

We have some of the best upholstery cleaners on staff. We can have every

Upholstered surface (seats and carpets) in a 400-seat theater cleaned after you close, and ready to be used the next day.

Wessne's Janitorial Service utilizes some cutting edge methods of graffiti removal as well as gum removal. We can handle concession stands, windows, stages, curtains, anything and everything!

Teak and advantage of this!

Our estimates are quick, comprehensive and serve as a great resource.

A Wessne's Janitorial Services estimate consists of a walk through of your facility and a brief conversation with one of our experts.

Our estimate will show you the quality of service you should be getting with the dollars you spend on janitorial service.

You will be amazed at how cost effective Wessne's Janitorial Services can be!