If You're Looking For Professional and Affordable Upholstery Cleaning,
Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc Is The Company For you!

Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc. Upholstery cleaning bay Area/ SF. Worth Metropolis since 1998. Experienced crews, state-of-the-art equipment, and a wide selection of upholstery cleaning services for you!Your business requires the best in upholstery maintenance since this is vital in keeping your upholstery fresh, clean and professional looking. Proper upholstery cleaning increases the life span as well as removal of harmful bacteria and allergens. Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc has a wide geographic service area for upholstery cleaning; You, your staff, and customers appreciate attractive, well maintained, and clean upholstery and office furniture!

Fabric Cubicle Office Partitions collect dust, allergens and soil, and get dull looking over time - upholstery cleaning will steam clean and remove all this and leave your Fabric Partitions clean, fresh smelling, and looking great.

Fabric guard and protector application will keep cloth surfaces cleaner and looking better longer - just another benefit of getting upholstery cleaning,

· Wood furniture can get soiled, dried out, chipped or cracked, and must be cleaned and restored with special processes and chemicals. We'll do all this professionally and affordable, and your wood furniture will look fabulous!

· Leather furniture collects soil, spillage, human body oils, and can dry out if not cleaned and conditioned properly. We'll clean and recondition your leather the right way, and leave it looking, smelling, and feeling fantastic! Just another benefit you get with upholstery cleaning Wessne's Janitorial Service, Inc style. Special attention is paid to commonly soiled areas -- the tops of furniture arms, front edge of cushions and sides, hand, and head rest areas.

We keep your upholstery clean, whether it is fabric, leather or vinyl -- you will have the best in maintaining your furniture. Your upholstery cleaning is always safe in our hands -- our upholstery cleaning is among the safest.

· Cleaning upholstery and furniture supplies are handled and disposed of properly. · All supplies are handled in accordance with all OSHA guidelines/regulations. Upholstery cleaning supplies are only purchased from registered industrial suppliers.

When it comes to cleaning and protecting your upholstery, you deserve the best! Get professional upholstery cleaning, Dallas Building Maintenance style!

Methods of cleaning upholstery vary according to the type of covering, so we clean according to the manufactures specifications.

Our technicians will test your fabrics to determine the safest and most efficient method. Each cleaning method consists of a multi-step process designed to guarantee your satisfaction -- your furniture and upholstery will maintain maximum life and keep as close to a "new look" as possible, keeping your furniture replacement costs way down!

If you're looking For Professional and Affordable Upholstery Cleaning, Dallas Building Maintenance Is The Company for you!