Few cleaning companies have the experience, dedication and personnel to service the demanding job cleaning hotels; Wessne's Janitorial Service is one of the best at it.

Servicing a hotel showcases the extent of our experience and resources.

Wessne's Janitorial Service can handle any situation that comes our way. From the carpet in the gift shop to the mirrors in the gym we perform with efficiency and quality.

With Wessne's Janitorial Service both your staff, and more importantly your guests, will notice the difference in the appearance of your facility.

To ensure the best possible service Wessn's Janitorial works in conjunction with all the hotel departments (maintenance, housekeeping, guest services…etc).

We will coordinate a service plan that ensures quality cleaning, while at the same time preserving the uninterrupted experience of your guests.

Communication and teamwork are the key elements of what Wessne's Janitorial brings to the table when we service our clients hotels.

Take advantage of this!

Our estimates are quick, comprehensive and serve as a great resource.

A Wessne's Janitorial estimate consists of a walk through of your facility and a brief conversation with one of our experts.

Our estimate will show you the quality of service you should be getting with the dollars you spend on janitorial service.

You will be amazed at how cost effective Wessne's Janitorial can be